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    i think some of them have done well, faye has done a few musicals, lee is setting his band up/getting a deal and h did 6 months in west end musical, 2 pantos, his tv show hside story/hside story lost in new york as well as graduating from the ram and spending 10 weeks out in new york in an acting school there.

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    I think we all miss them, and that's why there's still people posting here. Like it or not, there's thousands of people out there that if they hear tragedy come on their hands are next to their heads.
    We all say we don't want them back, it would ruin them, but I think we all secretly want them back. We all know Lisa's going to fail, but we're selfish bastards and want more music. Lol.
    I think it's just a matter of time before STEPS get back together - it might be 2006 it might be 2010, but I think most people are faily sure it's going to happen. They ended so abruptly and they had so much more to give.
    If they come back, I honestly think they could do good. They came when there was a gap, and they made it. Pop is slowly fading away and pretty soon there's going to be a market for it again, if they come back at the right time, they're golden to hit the top again.

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    Steps were a great band in great times, every single they released sold at least 100k if not more and every album they released had a platinum certification. They had huge success back then, im afraid if they were to reform it wouldnt work. Or if it did it wouldnt only work for a little while before people got bored with it. I doubt they'd be able to have the success they once did.

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    i miss Steps too, but thier spirit and music will always be here for us to enjoy. watching thier past performances on video / dvd is kinda like turning back time for just a short, but sweet 2 hours. its still something and better than nothing.
    STOMP all night

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    i miss them too and thats why i joined here to find & talk too more people like myself who feel this way. Yes, deep down, I would love them to get back together but realistically i know it is probably not going to happen because of the way pop music lasts now (not very long) but i still hold out hope for it-cos it might happen one day when we are least expecting it

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