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    i've been a Steps fan for over six years and they have managed to be my favorite band all this time. recently, i've been watching and listening to some live performances and realized that Steps can't really sing live like Abba can (my second favorite). although both utilize the tactic of lip-syncing, at least when Abba actually sings live, it sounds good too. I find that Steps sings off-key sometimes. the more I watch Abba and Steps, the more I like Abba and dislike Steps. could it be that we were all misled this entire time?
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    no-one sings perfect live so i dont think we were misled about steps singing abilities i've never heard abba perform live but both bands are great at what they did.
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    i think in the time of Abba, dancing was less important pop singer, so they had more chances to sing live and therefore better.
    For modern pop, visual entertainment is also important and therefore so many people have to be all-round and have to dance when they release songs. Dancing increases their amount of miming and reduces their chances to practice singing live.
    However, I think Steps sang live more in their later career and was able to sound very much better than their 5678 days.

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    im a big fans of abba and steps too... in my opinion, during abba time, they just sing not dance at the same time.. i know sometimes steps sang off-key.But agnetha and frida is a great singer before they in Abba... so i think they have more experienced..

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    Any day.

    STEPS' versions of ABBA songs (I Know Him So Well not withstanding) are far inferior to the ABBA versions and yes -- even A*Teens' versions.
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    I think towards the end of steps, they were really good at singing live. I just think their songs were harder for them to perform live and the fact they had a dance with practically all of them, meant they needed to do that too! xxx
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    Personally I'll always prefer what STEPS did, rather than Abba. I love Abba, always have done - they were great singers, their harmonies were amazing, they had fantastic songs & were amazing songwriters etc... but STEPS will always be more special to me. Yes they sometimes sang off key - who doesn't?! - but they were amazing at what they did.

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    Quite frankly, I never gave a damn about whether Steps sang live or not - I loved them for the fun of it all!
    I'd have been more disappointed for the dance routines to be scrapped than if they'd never sung live even once!

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    Im kinda like Lizi. Ive always been an Abba fan too and yes in some ways they were much better technically but theres something ive always said Abba lacked that Steps had by the bucket and thats stage presence. Abba are actually very very boring to watch. Personally i think certain members of Steps CAN sing live ( lol but Abba can't mime for toffee) but like Lizi said i really couldnt care less either way. I and laods of others NEVER liked Steps for their supurb voices or song writing ability.
    as for " misl-lead" lol dont be so over-dramatic, mislead about what?The decisions were always there for you to make yourself. if you didnt know what you were getting with Steps ( lol like its a life changing decision anyway) then thats your own fault!

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    O.k so Steps weren't the best live singers but they were some of the best overall performers I have ever seen (and I've seen some of the biggest).

    Oh and Poprox you have just commited blaphemy by suggesting that the A*Teens versions of Abba songs were better than Steps. Are you deaf??

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