The Panerai Luminor Submersible watchfulness is an iconic sports watch. What follows is a revise of the models that are current available in the Luminor Submersible collection from Panerai.

There are three models in the cluster; the PAM 00243, the PAM 00024, and the PAM 00025.

All three of these Panerai watches have a bezel that can be turned counter clockwise with a graduated scale represented by little recessed cylinders and engraved little footmark. They also feature the noted Panerai crown locking a whole - a patented a whole consisting of a build a bridge more than or upon that is fastened in the mean by two screws. They distribute the same motion, which is automatic mechanical, using the Panerai OP III central chord, 13? lignes, 21 jewels. You also get the Panerai personalized oscillating gravity and Glucydur pair of scales with 28,800 alternations per sixty minutes.

The watches are 44 mm in distance through the centre and 16 mm in profundity and come in a carre galbe produce. This makes them quite a chunky and huge watchfulness to carry. The glass is telesia, formed of corundum, 3.5 mm thick with a magnifying lens more than the era at 3 o'clock. The glass also has anti-reflexive coating. The watches come with luminescent, skeletal sixty minutes and little clutches. There is a aiding dial at the 3 o'clock spot to hold the seconds palm and fingers. And all are wet resistant to 300 meters, though you can get pieces that are water resistant to 1000 meters.

Both the PAM 00243 and the PAM 00024 come in brushed unspotted carburet of iron and inky gum-elastic straps. Apart from the strap there is very little to differentiate them.

The PAM 00025 has a case made from three pieces of titanium. It also has a ebon Clous de Paris sun-dial with its sub-sun-dial decorated with ring-shaped rosary. Being made from titanium this model is lighter than the other two.

The PAM 00025 is undoubtedly the most of the people of the three the Luminor Submersible watches by Panerai. These fine watches are in usage right now. It's somewhat single, chunky, ponderous brew seems to seek reference of the capsule or cause to certain men. Used Panerai watches are demanding prices that are higher than a new watchfulness, such is their popular regard or acceptance. There's also a feeling that a Panerai watch only looks its best after it's been knocked around a bit.