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    just wondering how many Americans are visiting here and where from. i'm from San Francisco.

    Also, have any of you fellow Yanks seen Steps live in concert? (specifically, the Britney tour of 1999) what were they like?

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    Well I'm half-Brit half-US, and I saw them support Britters in 1999...
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    Hmm...I never saw them live, the closest I got to that was watching them in their Disney special way back when, and all that I remember were their white outfits...I believe that they were the same white outfits that were in the "Better The Devil You Know" video/concert footage. I've been a fan since 8th grade, and I'm graduated from high school now...being a Steps fan in an Oregon town is an odd thing indeed!
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    i never been to their concert but i have seen them perform on tV loads of times

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    im from USA..North Carolina... and never saw em live in concert or anything ....didnt even know about em till like jan of this year lol..glad i found out about em though

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    Hey there... 18 year old US steps fan here....I'm from New Orleans, la.

    Nope, never got to see them on the Britney tour...didn't find out about them till summer of 2001...not long before the split...major bummer.

    ive been collecting steps merchandise ever since...haha. my room is a shrine.

    my aim is jujustar86 if anyone wants to chat..God forbid any steps fans in new rap music capital of the world.

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    16 yr old. South Carolina, originally born and raised in Canton, Ohio. I've been a STEPS fan for 5 years. Ever since the US version of "One For Sorrow" I've been a fan and have collected lots of the CDs.

    I saw 2 performances on TV. Disney and Nickelodeon performances. They somehow got tracked in Michigan and performed a concert there. They weren't with Britney Spears either. That was the only place they ever performed a public concert. I never heard a STEPS song on the radio either. They should've done a tour here. Just STEPS as a group and not with anyone else. They should've released more trax as well. They would've been popular here if the US would've accepted their music. U see USA Steppers, The USA Record Companies thought they could do w/o STEPS. That's they're not very popular here. All the other countries have a "The Last Dance" and we don't. We have 3 lousy-put-together albums. We've been deprived of good songs like "Baby Don't Dance" & "You'll Be Sorry". Check out our STEP ONE:
    1) Tragedy
    2) Say You'll Be Mine
    3) One For Sorrow (US Mix)
    4) Last Thing On My Mind
    5) 5, 6, 7, 8
    6) Stay With Me
    7) Love's Got A Hold On My Heart
    8) After The Love Has Gone
    9) Heartbeat
    10) Deeper Shade Of Blue
    11) Better The Devil You Know

    1) Buzzz
    2) It's The Way You Make Me Feel
    3) Happy Go Lucky
    4) Mars & Venus (We Fall In Love Again)
    5) Stomp
    6) Here And Now
    7) Summer Of Love
    8) Never Get Over You
    9) Wouldn't Hurt So Bad
    10) Learn To Love Again
    11) Hand On Your Heart
    (Where's Faye & Lee's Written Songs?????)

    1) Tragedy
    2) One For Sorrow (UK Mix)
    3) Stomp
    4) It's The Way You Make Me Feel
    5) Love's Got A Hold On My Heart
    6) Heartbeat
    7) Better Best Forgotten (Radio Edit)
    8) Say You'll Be Mine
    9) Deeper Shade Of Blue (Radio Edit)
    10) 5, 6, 7, 8
    11) Last Thing On My Mind
    12) Chain Reaction
    13) Words Are Not Enough

    Do all The American Steppers Get my Point? Have we been deprived or what?


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    United States
    double post back there.

    To be honest i dont really care about them anymore.. I know its sad to say.. its starting to be like that with s club now too. I mean yer ill listen to their cds and stuff but sclub broke up in 2003 steps broke up in 2001.. no offense but those of you who are still making shrines kinda need to move on with your lives..

    no offense or anything

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    dayum...shrine is a figure of I just mean I have a lot of stuff I've gotten over the years...I have a friend in the Uk and shes always sending me loads. I havent honestly played their cd's in 5 months. I just thought it was kind of neat that some other american people know who steps are.

    and ya know, your post was a bit uncalled for. don't judge lest you not be judged It's none of your damn business...full of bs. theway your post was written...I'm sorry, but some people will probably take offense.

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    Hacienda Heights, California
    I'm from LA, California. I saw the Disney concert and became a fan. I saw them live on the Gold Greatest Hits Tour, the night they split. Yay!!!!!!!!
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